Current Stores: 20



Usage: Frozen Yogurt

Operations: Sydney Metropolitan

Current Stores: 20

Size: Inline Store + Seating: 40 – 70sqm

Location: Shopping Centres, Inline Stores

Requirements: High Foot Traffic, Near Supermarkets, Night Time Trade (if possible)

Client Manager: Michael Amler

Yogurberry Frozen Yogurt is 100% natural, low fat, and low calorie. It also contains Bifidus Lactobacilli, a friendly bacteria that is highly beneficial to digestive health. All ingredients are sourced from within Australia and they make their own frozen yogurt daily in a
dairy facility located in Australia.

Yogurberry is making a whole new trend in the ice cream industry by expanding itself across 25 countries including USA, China, Malaysia, Brazil and of course Australia. Yogurberry spans across 25 countries with around 270 stores.

In Sydney, Yogurberry was the first frozen yogurt store to initiate the self-serve system and sparked the takeover of the Sydney frozen yogurt market. Customers have a choice to create their unique cup of premium quality yogurt with a wide variety of topping choices prepared daily.

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